Cliff Barber and the Flower of Life

On the second of September 2021 Cliff barber passed away.

He was the most modest giant. Now he can be one with the universe he has studied all his life. Be good Cliff.

After 50 years of work I finally completed my first painting that I deem "Finished".

“The only purpose of mathematics for me is to get closer to the divine ”

The book: "Cliff Barber and the Flower of Life"

This book is about the paintings of Cliff Barber. His work is built on mathematics and philosophy, both Eastern and Western. After fifty years of studying the Flower of Life, he finally created some paintings that he deems complete. This book will follow Cliff’s path through pure mathematics and philosophic thought. Just as Albert Einstein started out with the numbers 0 to 9 and came up with the simple and beautiful equation E=MC², Cliff started out with these same numbers and came up with a series of beautiful paintings.


The book consists of the written life story of Cliff Barber, his philosophies and why and how he made his paintings. There are 69 pages of illustrations of him and his paintings. 29x29cm, 11.4x11.4 inch.

I am sorry to say that at the moment I cannot send more books.

“Every time I understand something new, a new level of the universe opens up ”

"The paintings are a visible aid for yoga meditation. My hope is that the drawings take the emphasis away from the physical to the mental. You need to concentrate to look at it. The more you look at it, the more you concentrate. The painting should attract you."